“Elemental” Holiday Program – September 2017

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“Elemental” Holiday Program – September 2017

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This September School holidays we planned an epic holiday program called “Elemental”. It consisted of three days that focused on different elements. Keep reading to find out what they were and what we got up to!

Day 1: WATER

Yes! The first day we set off on the Fusion busses to Shelly Beach for a beach walk, beach activities and of course, swimming!!

The day was full of surprises, the first being that one bus headed in the wrong direction and were 1 hour away from the beach when the other buses arrived. But this didn’t deter our moods! While we waited for them we played a few ice breakers, capture the flag and prepared lunch.

The other bus made it safely to us and once we were all together we enjoyed our lunch on the grass, over looking the beautiful beach view.


Once that had all gone down it was time for what we had all been waiting for, SWIMMING! We headed off to the rock pools and had a blast in the sun! After that, we packed up the buses and headed home, ready for day 2 adventures.


Day 2: “EARTH”

Thats right, Day 2 was time to chill in the outdoors with a huge picnic at Nurragingy Reserve, a treasure hunt and carnival games.

We headed off in the fusion busses once again from St Marys and made our way to the reserve, the long way.. we like to make the most of the bus trips.

We finally got there and were super excited to play some icebreaker games while the picnic scene was being set up in a secret location. Once afternoon tea rolled around we all enjoyed some snacks together, picnic style of course and took some time to catch up with one another, enjoy the outdoors and build positive relationships and vibes.


Teams then headed off on a treasure hunt filled with riddles and different locations and all teams had a successful and fun time completing challenges such as making animals from leaves and singing the national anthem to strangers!

22290906_10214788510852798_1363847310_o (1)

We finished off the day with some carnival games and even had a sponge toss with some Youties as the targets.


But not before the activity turned into a massive water fight!! Unplanned and unprepared, we didn’t care and had so much fun!


We were wet and ready for what day 3 would bring.

Day 3: “SKY”

The final day arrived! And it was time to reach new heights at Skypeak adventure park. But not before we made our way to Ropes Crossing and played so many good games and had a fantastic lunch.

Screen Shot 2017-10-05 at 5.17.17 PM

Once we were done there, Skypeak was calling our names and we answered. We got our harnesses on and made our way in groups onto the different levels and platforms. This had to be the most challenging day and a lot of fears were faced which was so great to see.

We finished off the program with a farewell mention to Youth Worker Jonah, and pumped the music on the drive back home. Every bus was definitely a party bus.


Overall, “Elemental” was so much fun and it was amazing to see all the Young People make new friends, have fun and challenge themselves.

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