Other programs

Other programs

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The Real Girls program supports young girls in Year 7 as they make the transition from primary school to high school. It provides the opportunity for girls to explore issues of value, meaning and purpose and addresses healthy relationship and lifestyle matters. The program aims to grow participants’ self awareness and confidence, strengthening friendships and educational engagement so that social isolation and risk taking behaviours are minimised.

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Drumbeat is a therapeutic music program developed by Holyoake Institute in Western Australia and adopted by Fusion Youth Services as part of their normal service delivery. Drumbeat combines the benefits of music therapy using drums, with cognitive behavioural therapy so that young people can learn social skills that promote healthier relationships.

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Peer Leadership Program gives young people an opportunity learn about leadership, discover more about themselves and how to positively interact with others. Young people learn skills, gain confidence and reflect on what gives their life meaning and purpose. Young people are given opportunities to put what they have learned into practice as they serve at some local community event.

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Providing positive time structuring to young offenders through an activity based program. Engagement with these young people aims to increase their capacity to successfully integrate into their communities upon release and to decrease their chances of reoffending.

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A range of outings and activities offered during the school holiday breaks, the Holiday Programs give young people the opportunity to experience new things, develop new friendships and spend their time in productive and positive ways during the holidays.