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Fusion Youth, works towards the development and growth of young people and the communities in which they live, contributing to the building of resilient young people, stronger families and safer communities.

Fusion is aware that when young people have strong relationships with their peers, parents/carers, other significant adults and strong connections in their schools and communities they have the potential to prosper. Working primarily with young people aged 12 -17 years, their families and communities, we work towards an inclusive and caring society, where all individuals are able to fulfil their unique destiny with dignity.

We want to see the values of justice, mercy, compassion and respect be the motivating values in our families, communities, cultures and personal lives. This is the basis to Fusion’s youth work and is incorporated into the design, goals, operational practices and the delivery of programs, where staff, volunteers, students and others in Fusion, work together to build skills and establish community connections, where individual young people can thrive.

Fusion Youth Services attempts to engage a broad range of young people from diverse backgrounds. Through social, recreational, creative, educational and vocational activities, Fusion provides safe and meaningful activities for young people to have fun, experience new things in the context of a group where they are seen and valued. There are opportunities for them to find hope and a purpose as they contribute positively to the lives of others.

Under EIPP our approach is to offer workshops for which local young people register and commit. Depending on the activity our Fusion youth workers will generally be working with small groups of between 6 and 12. This enables strong connections to be built and a clear focus on developmental skill building with each young person. We have seen our team working with individuals to set personal goals, map progress and celebrate achievements. To learn more about us or to talk with one of the team please visit the contact section of this website.

General enquiries Contact

Dot Knox (Youth Services Manager)

Phone (02) 8805 5900

Email dot.knox@fusion.org.au